Monday, January 18, 2010

Topics in Healthcare

The local fishwrap had a lovely article Sunday about the anti-abortion crowd protesting UW Hospital offering 2nd trimster abortions at it's new surgery center. It had the usual suspects: Hospital officials explaining the need for the center and bearded Taliban members ranting about their religion local protestors explaining how Jesus hates abortions. Pretty routine stuff.
What always amazes me about these stories is that there is never a mention of health care in gereral. I mean if these people really cared about all those unborn babies why the hell aren't they out in front of their local Republican Party office demanding that they help put together a healthcare reform that would cover the prenatal care for every expectant mother? Why aren't they running around with pictures of real live babies that are in dire need of urgent medical care but their parents are too poor to obtain it? With the US infant mortality rate in there with some third world countries, one would think that might be a more important use of their time and energy. But alas, socialized medicine does not appear to be anywhere in the bible so god is either against it or at least ambivilent.  For as much press as these loonies get, you think just once someone might ask them about that.

Just in case you might think I'm a little hard on this crowd, here is a little bio (one of three in a sidebar) of one of the protestors. Tell me this guy isn't certfiable.

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