Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dont Let The Door Hit You....

Getting closer and closer to the last day as a real newspaper, The Crap Times has pushed itself into over-drive to destroy what ever it has left of it's legacy as a "progressive" voice. Buried on page four of it's Thursday edition was it's only story of the day about anti-war protests in Wisconsin. At least it was above the fold. Along with the usual quotes from a few protesters and the listing of several near arrests for trying to get elected officials to actually talk to them, there was these wonderful two paragraphs:

When contacted about the demonstrations, Mark Jefferson, executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party, called the protesters extremists.

" If we were to cut and run at this point, we would lose a lot of credibility round the world," Jefferson said. "I think people realize that"

There are so many things wrong with this that I'm having trouble lining them up.
First, when polls consistently show that over 60% of America thinks that it was a mistake to enter this war, how the hell can war protesters be "extremist"
Secondly, we have not had any respect around the world for five years.
Finally how the fuck do you decide to ask the head of the Rethuglicans about war protests at all! This walking piece of human excrement is one of the morons responsible for the mess we're in. His hands are bloody. This is like asking a murderer why he thinks there is so much violence today.
I can only mourn the Capital Times of old when maybe there would have been someone there to point out their own foolishness.

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Anonymous said...

This is a bit like the ongoing demise of the Daily Macy's Gazette, sometimes known as the SF Chronicle. Editor and Publisher said their revenue was down by 30%. Of course, if they had half a brain, they'ed put Debra Sanders on top of a pile of her straw dollies, burn her, quit printing crap from Hooover Institute, the local Neocon brodello, and put Morford and Carroll in charge of the Editorial and Opinions pages.
- bo