Thursday, January 3, 2008

Texas Tea

A little late for christmas, but the perfect gift for the economy that has everything, our New Years treat is $100 a barrel oil. Just when you thought you could afford to drive to the job that may or may not be there, bang, up goes the price of gas. For those who are in the throes of poverty or those on the edge, increased gas prices, increased food prices, and the harsh winter weather over much of the country means that existence here in the Home Of The Brave And The Land Of The Free will become just that much harder in the coming months.
The next time a republican friend complains about gas prices, make sure you remind them about a certain Energy Task Force meeting in 2001. You know, the one between Darth Cheney and the major oil producers? Remind them that oil was $20 a barrel until the Bush Crime Cartel came into power. Oh, and one last thing, the oil in Iraq was going to pay the war costs. Then ask them real quick "Who ya gonna vote for?".

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